The Empowerment Zone Reentry Initiative

The Empowerment Zone Reentry Initiative (EZRI)

The Empowerment Zone Reentry Initiative (EZRI) stands as a testament to the power of dedicated support and comprehensive services for justice-impacted individuals. In just the first year of operation, EZRI has made significant strides in empowering individuals and strengthening community ties in Miami-Dade County.

Our Impact by the Numbers

Our impact by the numbers is a clear indicator of our commitment and effectiveness:

  • Initial Assessments Conducted: 687 individuals have been given a new starting point, with 297 of these from Overtown, highlighting our targeted approach to those most in need.
  • Case Management Services: 683 individuals have received personalized guidance and support, with 364 from Overtown, ensuring a tailored path to reintegration.
  • Counseling Sessions: 374 individuals have found a safe space for healing and growth, with 204 from Overtown, reflecting our dedication to mental health and well-being.
  • Group Therapy Participants: 180 individuals have benefited from collective support and shared experiences, with 93 from Overtown, fostering a sense of community and shared progress.
  • Referrals Made: 365 individuals have been connected to vital resources, with 181 from Overtown, demonstrating our role as a bridge to opportunity.

EZRI's Financial Management

EZRI has carefully managed its budget to make sure we meet our participants' most pressing needs:

  • Birth Certificates, Driver Licenses, State I.D.s: $1,110 invested, partially funded by the county's Safe in the 305 grant, aiding 21 people in gaining essential identification for societal participation.
  • Workboots and Clothing: $183 spent to ensure individuals are prepared for employment opportunities.
  • Electric Bills, Hotel Stays, and Rental Applications: $950 allocated to provide stability during transitional periods.
  • Hygiene Product Distribution and Outreach: $500, again supported by the Safe in the 305 grant, to maintain dignity and health.
  • Food Distribution and Outreach: $1,000, with $400 from the Safe in the 305 grant, to address food insecurity among our participants.

Continuing Our Mission

EZRI's effectiveness is not just in the numbers but in the lives changed, the recidivism reduced, and the community strengthened. Our organization is a vital pillar in the reentry process, providing the previously incarcerated with the tools, support, and advocacy needed to turn their lives around. As we continue to grow and serve, EZRI remains committed to being a cornerstone of hope and progress for all those looking to reintegrate and thrive within their communities.

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